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The "CONNECT" Email Discussion List 

ICWP is a virtual organization that meets in various ways online. Sometimes, we even meet face to face!  Still, e-mail and the internet are our main stages.

The discussion list is the historical backbone of our organization. It's a free-form place to discuss everything that is of interest for a playwright share knowledge, support and encouragement. 

Before you can subscribe to the List, you need to join ICWP as a member.

Wherever you are or your income, there is a Membership Level for you.

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More About the List

The discussion list is free to anyone in the world via their Membership:  Some Memberships are free. ICWP asks that those who have the means, pay for membership, to keep the List and other services free for women playwrights in developing countries or who have no access to funds or means to pay. 

quotes from List subscribers:

"I can't tell you what this list has meant to me. When I consider the practical things I've learned here- from how best to bind a script to dealing with difficult directors and negotiating a contract- plus the always-available sharing of wisdom, humor, and support. "
                                                                                        Dori Appel

"I want to thank all those lovely people who take the time to share opps.(opportunities) Every play of mine that has ever been produced or done as a reading got that chance because I found the opp on this list. Thank you!! "

                                                                                       Shirley King

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ICWP Is a 501- c - 3 Non Profit  Organization, incorporated in the State of Ohio, USA

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