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50/50 Applause Awards 2015

Theatres Plays and Playwrights

2015 ICWP 50/50 Applause Award Recipients' 2014-2015 Seasons

* Denotes ICWP members
** Denotes previous recipients

Theater/Organization Name Plays Produced in 2014-2015 Season Playwright(s)
**16th Street Theater  The Gun Show *EM Lewis
Berwyn, Illinois, USA
Our Holiday Stories

Elizabeth Berg, Tanya Saracho, Robert Koo

The Art of Disappearing Stephanie Alison Walker
Graveyard of Empires

Elaine Romero

Actors for Children Theatre   Monsters Under the Bed Gay H. Hammond
Flatwoods, Kentucky USA  Shiver Me Timbers Gay H. Hammond


Bread & Roses Theatre
Clapham, London, United Kingdom

Miss Julie adapted by Tessa Hart from the original by August Strindberg
Centaur Theatre  Venus in Fur David Ives
Montreal, Quebec, Canada Social Studies Tricia Cooper Terminus Mark O'Rowe
  The Goodnight Bird Colleen Murphy
  The Envelope Vittorio Rossi
  Triplex Nervosa Marianne Ackerman
**Cherry Lane Theatre To The Bone Lisa Ramirez
New York, New York, USA Me, My Mouth & I Joy Behar Peerless Jiehae Park
  King Lear Re-envisioned by Jesse Jou
  The idea of ME

Kristina Poe

Chicago Dramatists  The Mecca Tales Rohina Malik
Chicago, Illinois USA      A Work of Art Elaine Romero

**Company One Theatre
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Astro Boy and the God of Comics Natsu Onoda Power
The Chronicles of Kalki Aditi Kapil

Brahman/i Aditi Kapil
  Shiv Aditi Kapil
  Shockheaded Peter

Julian Crouch and Phelim McDermott
  Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them

A Rey Pamatmat

Court Theatre   Native Son Nambi E. Kelley
Chicago, Illinois, USA   Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett The Good Book Denis O'Hare and Lisa Peterson
  The Secret Garden Marsha Norman
  Iphigenia in Aulis Sophocles
Delinquent Theatre
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Stationary Christine Quintana
Dobama Theatre   Belleville Amy Herzog
Cleveland Heights, Ohio USA The Norwegians C. Denby Swanson

A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical Celebration Paula Vogel

  Slowgirl Greg Pierce
  Becky Shaw Gina Gionfriddo
  Superior Donuts Tracy Letts
**Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre    100 Year

Richard Dresser

Summit, New Jersey USA  The Most Deserving
Catherine Trieschmann

Rapture, Blister, Burn

Gina Gionfriddo

Ensemble Studio Theatre
New York, New York USA
When January Feels Like Summer Cori Thomas
Winners Maggie Bofill

Five Times in One Night

Chiara Atik

Entity Theatre
Munich, Germany
A Midsummer Night's Dream

William Shakespeare (abridged version by Conny Loder)
Sleeping Beauty--A Panto
Anne Wollstein

The Memory of Water

Shelagh Stephenson

**Factory Space Theatre   An Unexpected Execution Emma Willis
Sydney, NSW Australia   The Matilda Waltz *Deborah Mulhall

**Factory Theatre
 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Art of Building a Bunker

Adam Lazarus and Guillermo Verdecchia

Take Me Back to Jefferson  An adaptation of William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" by Michelle Smith and Dean Gilmour
Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman and Joseph Jomo Pierre
  The Unplugging  Yvette Nolan
  Morro & Jasp: 9-5
Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee
**Forum Theatre       Gidion's Knot Johnna Adams
Silver Spring, Maryland USA   How We Got On Idris Goodwin The T Party Natsu Onoda Power
  Passion Play Sarah Ruhl
  The Shipment

Young Jean Lee

GALA Hispanic Theatre  Cancun Jordi Galceran
Washington, DC USA   Fábulas Mayas Cecilia Cackley Los empeños de una casa Sor Juana Inès de la Cruz
  Tum Tica: Una historia de müsica y historia Cecilia Cackley

  Mariela en el Desierto Karen Zacarias
  Las Polacas –The Jewish Girls of Buenos Aires

Patricia Suárez-Cohen

Globus Theatre      The Canada Show Ryan Gladstone & Bruce Horak
Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada  Separate Beds MaryJane Cruise Do You Take This Man? Sarah Quick
  The Long Weekend Norm Foster
  Sunshine Express Sarah Quick

Sarah Quick

**Golden Thread Productions    Mahmoud Tara Grammy
San Francisco, California, USA
Dear Armen

Lee Boudakian & Kamee Abrahamian

Isfahan Blues

Torange Yeghiazarian

Hartke Theatre, Catholic University of America   King Oedipus Zeus to Deus

Sophocles, adapted by William Butler Yeats
Washington, DC USA   La Perdida Kathleen Cahill Conversations I've Never Had Kathleen Burke
  The Mage Knights of Eternal Light Amanda Zeitler

  The Revolutionists

Lauren Gunderson

New York City, New York, USA
Trade Practices

Erin Courtney, Eisa Davis, Robert Lyons, Qui Nguyen, KJ Sanchez, Chris Wells
  Send For The Million Men Joseph Silovsky

The Pigeoning Robin Frohardt
  Teatro Hugo & Ines: Short Stories Ines Pasic and Hugo Suarez

  Leisure & Lust

Sara Farrington

Ivy Theatre Company  Donkey Punch Micheline Auger
New York, New York USA
Incongruence: a (trans)gender Looking Glass Carla Pridgen

Juan and Emmett Alan Baxter
  The Perfect Wife

Karen L. Lewis

KELUARGA TEATER  TABLE CLOTH (Taplak Meja) *Herlina Syarifudin
South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia VICTIMIZING GODDESS COKEK (Tumbal Dewi Cokek) *Herlina Syarifudin

3 in 1 ACTION OF MY NAME IS NAME *Herlina Syarifudin
  GRAY WHITE RAINBOW (Pelangi Putih Abu-abu) *Herlina Syarifudin
  MY NAME IS NAME (Namaku Nama)

*Herlina Syarifudin

La Boite Theatre Company   Pale Blue Dot Kathryn Marquet
Kelvin Grove Village, QLD Australia A Doll's House Henrik Ibsen The Wind in the Willows adapted by Maxine Mellor
  A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare
  Samson Julia Rose Lewis

adapted by Suzie Miller

Langham Theatrical Company
Langham, Saskatchewan Canada

A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Christmas *Kris Bauske

**Latino Theatre Company
/Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC)
Properties of Silence

Theresa Chavez, Rose Portillo, and Alan Pulner

Los Angeles, California USA
Mariela en el Desierto Karen Zacarias

Daughter of a Cuban Revolutionary Marissa Chibas

Patience, Fortitude and Other Antidepressants Mariana Carreno King

  Premediation Evelina Fernandez
  Dancing in My Cockroach Killers based on works by Magdalena Gomez, adapted by Rosalba Rolon
  Agua a Cucharadas (Water by the Spoonful) Quiara Algeria Hudes

  La Virgen de Guadalupe, Dios Inanztin Evelina Fernandez

  La Olla Evelina Fernandez

Anne Garcia Romero

Longacre Lea   Pol Pot & Associates LLP Kathleen Akerley
Washington, DC USA

Luna Stage   Lines in the Dust Nikkole Salter
West Orange, New Jersey USA Tilt The Unlit Candle Ben Clawson Perfect Ganesh Terrence McNally
  Tar Beach

*Tammy Ryan

Manbites Dog Theater Best of Enemies Mark St. Germain
Durham, North Carolina USA    I And You Lauren Gunderson

The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls

Meg Miroshnik

Lund, Sweden

Based on book by Celine Curiol, adaptation by Hanna Schmitz
Bless  Emma Broström 

Det finns inga fattiga barn

Rasmus Lindberg

NextStop Theatre Company Gidion's Knot Johnna Adams
Herndon, Virginia USA Sylvia A.R. Gurney Gutenberg! The Musical! Scott Brown and Anthony King
  Love, Loss and What I Wore Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron
  The Secret Garden Marsha Norman
  A Man For All Seasons Robert Bolt
  Miss Electricity Kathryn Walat
  A Charlie Brown Christmas

Adaptation by Eric Schaeffer

Northlight Theatre  The Commons of Pensacola Amanda Peet
Skokie, Illinois USA The Mouse Trap Agatha Christie White Guy on the Bus Bruce Graham
  Outside Mullingar John Patrick Shanley
  Shining Lives: A Musical

Jessica Thebus

**OBSIDIAN Theatre Company  The Mountaintop Katori Hall
Toronto, Ontario Canada

The Wild Party

Book by Michael John LaChiusa and George C. Wolfe
**off the WALL Productions
Carnegie, Pennsylvania USA
The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs Carole Frechette
Or, Liz Duffy Adams

Ghosts adaptation by *Virginia Wall Gruenert (original by Henrik Ibsen)
  The Whale

Samuel D. Hunter

**Paul Robeson Theatre
Shake Em On Down R. Skye Kamiyo
Buffalo, New York USA

Datra Martindale and Kim Williams

Burying The Bones
M.E.H. Lewis
  Simply Annette

Paulette D. Harris and Annette L. Christian
  How I Got Over

Paulette D. Harris

Performance Network Theatre Driving Miss Daisy Alfred Uhry
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA Gift of the Magi Annie Martin This Wonderful Life Steve Murray
  Yellowman Dael Orlandersmith
  Stones in His Pockets Marie Jones
  Salvage Joseph Zettelmaier
  If You Give A Mouse a Cookie Jody Davis
  Other Desert Cities

Jon Robin-Baitz

Perseverance Theatre    An Iliad Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare
Juneau and Anchorage, Alaska, USA Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Christopher Durang Chicago Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse
  A Christmas Carol

Adapted by Michael Haney and Artlitia Jones
  The Mountaintop Katori Hall
  The Odd Couple Neil Simon
  Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England Madeleine George

  Warriors Dave Hunsaker
  The Blue Bear

Luan Schooler and Leon Ingulsrud

**Playground  Hella Love Oakland Robin Lynn Rodriguez
San Francisco, California USA The Empty Nesters Garret Jon Groenveld

**Playwrights Horizons Bootycandy Robert O'Hara
New York, NY, USA Grand Concourse Heidi Schreck Pocatello Samuel D. Hunter
  Placebo Melissa James Gibson
  Iowa Jenny Schwartz
  The Qualms

Bruce Norris

Scotland, UK
Pirates and Mermaids

Sandy Thomson and Jeremiah Reynolds
The SMA Room Seance Ajay Close

**Port City Playhouse  Black Hole Jean Koppen
Alexandria, Virginia, USA In the Next Room Sarah Ruhl Shining City Conor McPherson
  Stick Fly

Lydia R. Diamond

**Ragged Wing Ensemble                       
El Cerrito, California USA

REDWOLF Amy Sass and Anthony Clarvoe
Stockholm, Sweden
Ada- Byron Lovelace (Women in Science, trilogy) Rebecca Forsberg

On my street - (Antgoni in Husby trilogy) Rebecca Forsberg

Haimon - (Antgoni in Husby, trilogy) Rebecca Forsberg

  Antgones dairy - (Antgoni in Husby, trilogy) Rebecca Forsberg

  Maryam (Women in Science, trilogy)

Rebecca Forsberg

Round House Theatre  FOOL FOR LOVE Sam Shepard
Bethesda, Maryland USA FETCH CLAY, MAKE MAN Will Power


Jake Minton and Phillip Klapperich
  RAPTURE, BLISTER, BURN Gina Gionfriddo

Annie Baker (Original Male Playwright: Anton Chekhov)

Lucy Kirkwood

**Salvage Vanguard Theater
Austin, Texas USA 
Bright Now Beyond

Daniel Alexander Jones and Bobby Halvorson
Am I White Adrienne Dawes

Thr3e Zisters Lola Pierson and Yury Urnov
**Sarasvati Productions                       
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Miss N Me Catherine Banks
Shelterbelt Theatre Mickey & Sage Sara Farrington
Omaha, Nebraska, USA The Other Sewing Circle Marie Amthor Schuett In the Jungle You Must Wait Jeremy Johnsons
  Abby in the Summer

A.P. Andrews

South Baldwin Community Theatre And Then There Were None Agatha Christie
Gulf Shores, Alabama USA Rapunzel Karen Boettcher-Tate
Cinderella Oscar Hammerstein II
  Alert and Vertical Laura Pfizenmayer
  The Sunshine Boys Neil Simon
  Southern Sirens Alicia Lane Dutton
  The Ransom of Red Chief

Pam Nagel and George Wingerter

Stark Naked Theatre Company     The God Game

Suzanne Bradbeer

Houston, Texas USA Ho Ho Humbug
Scott Burkell
A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare

Stage Kiss

Sarah Ruhl

Sterling Theatre Company Macbeth William Shakespeare
Toronto, Ontario, Canada Becky Shaw Gina Gionfriddo

Crimes of the Heart

Beth Henley

Tarrant Actors Regional Theatre  The Crucible Arthur Miller
Fort Worth, Texas USA The Mousetrap Agatha Christie

Teatro Paraguas  Death and The Maiden Ariel Dorfman
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
Not Quite Right Elaine Jarvik and Robert F. Benjamin

Mariela in the Desert Karen Zacarias
  Cascarones Irma Mayorga
  26 Miles Quiara Algeria Hudes
  A Musical Piñata for Christmas II  Melinda Sena de Tarnoff

  Word Over All: Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda

Dan Bohnhorst

The Catastrophic Theatre A Very Tamarie Christmas Tamarie Cooper
Houston, Texas USA Detroit Lisa D'Amour The Blackest Shore Mark Schultz
  The Hunchback Variations

Mickle Maher

**The English Theatre Of Rome
Rome, Italy
World Premiere Adaptation of Hemingways Farewell To Arms Dramaturgy Elizabeth Saragnese and Gaby Ford
Frozen play Byrony Lavery

The Road Theatre Company  Melissa Arctic Craig Wright
North Hollywood The Other Place Sharr White
California USA
The English Bride Lucille Lichtenblau Mud Blue Sky Marisa Wegrzyn
  Things Being What They Are

Wendy Macleod

Theatre Inconnu  Alien Creature Linda Griffiths
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  Alice Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan, Paul Schmidt, and Robert Wilson Baby With The Bath Water Christopher Durang

Mike Bartlett

**Theatre Passe Muraille Life, Death and The Blues Raoul Bhaneja
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
My Treasure Island!!!

Sara Levine (Adapted by Karen Woolridge)

The De Chardin Project Adam Seybold
  R-E-B-E-C-C-A Sara Farb
  The Sound of Cracking Bones / Le bruit des os qui craquent

Suzanne Lebeau (translated by Julia Duchesne & John Van Burek)

Carolyn Smart

Ujima Theatre Company   Top Dog/Underdog Suzan-Lori Parks
Buffalo, New York USA  Bourbon at the Border Pearl Cleage In The Red and Brown Water Tarrell Alvin McRaney
  The Process

Aimee Levesque, Keller Vogelsang, Robert Bach, Wanda Wilson & Maria Laurendi

WaterTower Theatre Bonnie & Clyde Book by Ivan Menchell
Addison, Texas USA
The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical Book by Betsy Kelso

The Santaland Diaries David Sedaris
  The Explorers Club Nell Benjamin
  Sexy Laundry Michelle Riml
  All My Sons Arthur Miller
  O'Keeffe! Lucinda McDermott
  Manicures & Monuments

Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Windy City Playhouse End Days Deborah Zoe Laufer
Chicago, Illinois USA Stick Fly Lydia R. Diamond    

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