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Columbus Ohio 2007


International Women's Day

Five short plays by women writers will mark International Women's Day,
March 8
Gallery 202

Organized by the Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute of The Ohio State University, all the playwrights are represented in the Institute's archives.

Gallery 202
Dr. Alan Woods, the Institute's Director, Dr. Katherine Burkman, Emerita Professor of English at Ohio State, and Dr. Beth Kattelman, the Institute's Associate Curator, will co-direct the readings.

All five plays look at women and their relationships.
Toronto playwright Shirley Barrie's Audience explores the appeal of experimental theatre through a married couple's relationship, while Vicki Cheatwood, from Garland, Texas , examines the end of a long-term relationship in her The Last Time Cooper Took Midge Fishing. Salt Lake City writer Elaine Jarvik's couple, in Dead Right, re-examine their marriage as the wife contemplates how she might be presented in her obituary. And Gerry Sanseviero, a playwright from New York City , presents sisters coping with age while trying to get served before a Broadway matinee in Matinee Lunch. Katherine Burkman, in Geraldine and Jacob, plays with a woman obsessed with gambling, and what both enables and results from her passion with the slots.

The free staged reading starts at 7:30 p.m.
on Thursday, March 8th, 2007
at Gallery 202, 38 N. State Street in Westerville .


Matinee Lunch: 
Florence:     Irene Braverman
Estelle:        Sarah Worthington
Waitress:     Mary Vade Bon Coeur

The Last Time Cooper Took Midge Fishing

Cooper:       Truman Winbush
Midge:         Cate Blair-Wilhelm
The Fish:      Tatyana Yassenoff

Dead Right
Bill:             Alan Woods
Penny:         Ellen Nickles

John:          Cornelius Hubbard
Jenna:         Doreen Salkiewicz

Geraldine and Jacob
Geraldine:    Rhea Kavari
Jacob:          David Fawcett


Marking International Women's Day, the Columbus area reading is one of
many staged readings taking place internationally and recognized by the
International Center for Women Playwrights. International Women's Day
dates back to 1909, and has been celebrated on March 8th since 1919.

It has been recognized by the United Nations as a key support for the
UN Charter's 1945 call for gender equality as a fundamental right.

For more information on the readings, see , or contact the Lawrence and Lee Institute at 1/614/292-6614.
For additional information Gallery 202 and its programs, see or call 1/614-890-8202
Read the article at
More information on Shirley Barrie at
for more on Vicki Cheatwood, check out
Gerry Sanseviero's webpage is

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