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International Women's Day - Women on the Bridge - Ohio and around the world.

On International Women's Day, thousands of women (and men!) worldwide gathered on bridges from San Francisco to Congo, Africa,  to call for an end to war and to demonstrate that women can build the bridges of peace and hope.

ICWP Member Farzana Moon represented our organisation at Lane Ave, Columbus, Ohio  on March 7th at 12 noon to support this global campaign led by Women for Women International.

Farzana Moon on the Bridge, waving a banner - ICWP for peace

Signing the Peace Poster


Nearly 9,000 women and men gathered at over 100 different events from all over the world to call for an end to war and to demonstrate that women can build the bridges of peace and hope. 

* In San Francisco, over 130 people came together for this event on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Report by Farzana Moon

We arrived at noon, greeted by United Nations Association of USA.  They had set up a flag, and a table with candy and beverages. 

Slowly people came trooping over the bridge to share the joy of peace and sunshine.  There was a white roll-out poster for everyone to sign and write messages.  It was in the beginning that my husband took pictures; that’s why you see only a few banners. 

But after one o'clock many more people joined in, making ‘peace signs’ and flaunting banners of peace.  Almost fifty people, including men and children shared the joy and warmth of love and camaraderie. 

A small group asked me about ICWP, and I tried my best to talk about its mission, grants and fun-loving retreats.  Several women took the flyers, some amongst them keen in joining. 

A few minutes before two o'clock we marched in single file over the bridge, raising high our banners.  The large roll-out poster was held by three women for photo-op and some other photos from across the bridge. 

It was a great, heartwarming experience! That’s all I can think about.  My message on the roll-out poster was (not exact words because I forget):  It takes one woman nine months to bring life into this world, and only a second for one man to destroy thousand such lives.


    * In New York City, hundreds of supporters celebrated at City Hall Park after walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, which was covered with supporters.

* In Kosovo, 5,000 women attended the celebration on the Bridge in the Dragodan in Prishtina.

 * In London, hundred of supporters, including award winning singer-songwriter Annie Lennox and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom's wife Sarah Brown, met on the Millennium Bridge

    * Bosnia and Herzegovina saw over 1,000 women attend the celebration on Ars Aevi Bridge in Sarajevo.

    * The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, Nigeria, and Sudan also saw hundreds of people from all over come together to celebrate this event.

ICWP Is a 501- c - 3 Non Profit  Organization, incorporated in the State of Ohio, USA

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