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Works by ICWP Members on Youtube can be viewed on our

Here below are a few gems to whet your appetite...

Districtland - TV Pilot (Full Version)

Playwright: Cristina A. Bejan PhD

TV pilot based on the original play by Cristina A. Bejan.
Adapted and produced by Russell Max Simon.
Five DC Millennials grapple with the loss of idealism while working, partying, and struggling to find meaning amid the city’s transactional foundations.


Finally Quiet In My Head

Playwright: Cristina A. Bejan PhD

TV pilot based on the original play by Cristina A. Bejan.
Produced by Bucharest Inside the Beltway
A tribute to madness, family and finding one's roots:
Set in St. Elizabeth’s psychiatric hospital in SE Washington DC,
the home of the Walkers’ in DC and the apartment of Tosha in New York City right now.


Ol Woman Naoia

Playwright: Cristina A. Bejan PhD

The US premiere stars Colorado actors Tresha Farris & Amber Irish, and Florida actor Carey Hart. Directed by Cristina A. Bejan.
In 2010 a group of 15 women came together to write a play about women’s rights in honor of the 30th anniversary of Vanuatu’s independence from the British and French colonial powers.


My First Time

Playwright: Jenny Lyn Bader

Directed by Ari Laura Kreith
Starring Giuliana Carr, Pauline Chalamet, Karen Eilbacher, Isabel Keating, Jevonnah Mayo, and Alysia Reiner
“My First Time" is the story of personal and political initiations that trapezes through 6 decades with 3 interwoven scenes in 12 minutes.
This piece was commissioned for Voting Writes / Luna Stage.


Sad Maps

Playwright: Jenny Lyn Bader

Written & Directed by Jenny Lyn Bader
Starring Evan Maltby
This monologue was commissioned by Luna Stage for the Vaccine Monologues.


I love you but ...

Playwright: Christine Hsu

Directed by Karen Brown.
The Negro Ensemble Company, Inc. (NEC) mission is to provide African-American, African and Caribbean professional artists with an opportunity to learn, to work, to grow and to be nurtured in the performing arts.


Female Nude Seated

Playwright: Carolyn Gage

One-Act play
This reading was performed on May 16, 2020 and produced by counterclaim.
Director: Emma Rosa Went
Starring: Olivia Rose Barresi and Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood
Talkback moderator: Hillary E. Miller



Artemisia and Hildegard (A reading)

Playwright: Carolyn Gage

An Exorcism in One Act.
This is followed by a moderated talk-back with the actors and stage manager.

The Post Modernist

Playwright: Mona Cutis

This is an absurd comedy grown out of the playwright’s frustration with bureaucracy and the disconnection she sees in the world.
“When I wrote it, I had no absurdist intentions.
I was trying to write as truthfully as possible and this is what came out.”
It was first workshopped in the 2005 Seven Devil’s Playwright’s Conference. This is its first production as a part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival, July 18, 2016.
Directed by Maria Aladren
Videographer: Robindeep Singh



An Albanian, A Serb and the Soldiers - Whole play

Playwright: Ibadete Abazi

An Albanian, A Serb and the Soldiers” written by Ibadete Abazi - IBI, is a full-length (60-minute) drama, with six characters.
Honey and Blood Theater is a name which evokes dual and competing images of Balkan Europe, a region historically filled with both beauty - the honey, and violence - the blood.
Produced and directed by Vinny Abazi.
Cast features Ivica Marc, Julian Gjaci, Ivan Kirincic, Izzy Durakovic and Vinny Abazi


Singer clashes with cougar

Playwright: Sandra de Helen


The Tenant

Playwright: Dana Hall

Written & Directed By: Dana Hall
The Tenant is a comedy about a young couple that purchases a home that has a tenant they have never met. They are able to spy on his whereabouts via a security camera they put in the basement. The actors themselves are from Chicago, California, and New York all coming together to appear "virtually" in one house!
The cast: Mark Robinson, Kelly Opalko, Sid Ross and Robert Kinsella



Playwright: Shirley King

Part of Flush Ink Productions' - Asphalt Jungle Shorts VI
Site-specific theatre in downtown Kitchener, at the intersection of Theatre and Reality.
Directed by Jenni Munday
Performed by Bruce Wolff, Robin Bennett and Tracey Kenyon


Paindemonium - A One Act Play

Playwright: Joyce Fontana

The film of this play was part of a weekend of plays about the opioid crisis presented by Elephant R Productions at The Tank theatre off Broadway in November 2019


Member Susan Horowitz Broadcasts as "Dr Sue"

Member: Susan Horowitz

Dr. Sue (Susan Horowitz, Ph.D.) is an Entertaining Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, Author "Queens of Comedy", Educator!

See Her Youtube Channel here:


The Bogus Woman ( 2000 )

Playwright: Kay Adshead

Performed by Noma Dumezweni, designed by Ti Green, directed by Lisa Goldman.
Produced by the Red Room in association with Mama Quilla at the Bush and Traverse Theatre


Jeweled Mask

Playwright: Collette Cullen

Directed by Alberta Walker-King. Performed by Shelia M. Johnson.
Filmed by Kennikki Jones-Jones at the Detroit Repertory Theatre.


Bus Driver Rap

Playwright: Monica Raymond

Performed by Katrina Mervin as part of Round 5 of the Quick Quarantined Play Festival by Vintage Soul Productions.



Playwright: Monica Raymond.

This monologue was written by Monica Raymond.
Performed by Anastasia Argyrou as part of Round 5 of the Quick Quarantined Play Festival by Vintage Soul Productions.


From the Motherland to the Promised Land

Playwright: Sherre Bishop

Historical One-Woman Show. Performed by Sherre Bishop


"Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods" Audience Response

Playwright: Tammy Ryan

Audience response to the play.

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