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The Kilroys Publish Thier List of Best Unproduced Plays by women

23 Jun 2016 5:43 PM | Anonymous
The Kilroys  “The List,” features 32 industry-recommended new plays by female and trans playwrights. The Los .Angeles.-based group of playwrights and producers is committed to promoting gender parity for playwrights in the American theatre.

Previous studies over recent years have shown that around 22 percent of productions in regional theatres over the previous three years were written by women.

THe Kilroys surveyed 230 influential new play leaders — Artistic Directors, Literary Managers, Professors, Producers, Directors, and Dramaturgs — who had read or seen at least 40 new plays in the past year

Each respondent recommended 3 to 5 plays each, identifying a total of 569 plays as among the best unproduced work they had encountered in the past year

THE LIST comprises the top 5.6% of those plays — the 32 most recommended plays from this survey, which each received between 5 and 14 nominations

Red the full Kilroy's List here:

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