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farzana's monologue Stormy Nights

09 Mar 2018 3:11 PM | Farzana Moon


Theatre women sharing their works

Sunday March 18, 2018, 2:00 PM

National Action Network

House of Justice

106 West, 145th St. New York NY 10039

                                Monologue written by Farzana Moon

Stormy Nights


‘It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.’  Lewis Carroll



I am Stormy Daniels. I had an affair with Donald Trump when Melania was pregnant. For the price of my silence not to disclose Trump’s adulterous affair I was offered one hundred and thirty thousand dollars which made me twice the victim of my own nightmares. The first time I was victim of my own guilt for being the lover of conscienceless Trump while Melania languished at home, heavy with child. My second time as a victim began with #MeToo movement when women stood up against the sexual harassment and I couldn’t say a word, since my silence was bought at a heavy price. During all those years between then and now, my sufferings never ended, for inside the cage of my own mind I remained a prisoner, shackled by chains of remorse, my heart wounded and bleeding. But now, the purple wound in my heart is abscessed and throbbing under the burden of too heavy a ransom for my silence. This silence within me is soaked in my blood and veins, my body revolting against the violence done to women by men rich, craven, egotistic and vainglorious who can buy carnal pleasures at their own whim or caprice. This #MeToo movement has awakened me to the realization of the hopeless, helpless pain of countless women who have been victims of sexual harassment for years, but their lips were sealed for the shame of being violated and for the brutal fact that even if they were to expose their naked shame to the world, no one would be willing to believe their tragic plight. Before Trump became president, and listening to his tapes, bragging about his salacious assaults on women, not only wounded my heart but bruised my mind afresh, wild and tortured. After Trump became president he kept insulting the women he had sexually assaulted, and the globe of shame within my mind became a searing, maddening mirror, reflecting a myriad of torments those innocent women suffered while Trump corrupted the Oval Office with his lies grand and fantastic. Exulting in his sexual assaults by denial and arrogance, even siding with Roy Moore the pedophile, backed by a legion of Republicans to corrupt the very air of Senate Halls. This reek of corruption from White House nauseates me and I long to comfort my #MeToo sisters, but Trumpian Lawyers follow me like hounds, poised to stab me with the knife of their lies till I am bled to death. I beg you, please take your blood money back, even take my life, you liars lawyers vultures, but before that speak I will, telling the truth, my story, the tragic story of every women in the world who has suffered through the carnal desires of men-beast. Even if one man-beast Trump can be held accountable for his sins and removed from the Oval Office, world would become a better place.

Paradoxically, in this bazaar of a world, we are defined as buyers and sellers. All of us are selling something, our wares, our ideas, our bodies. Yet, when a woman is forced by circumstances to sell her body, she earns little money and a lot of disrespect. When women holding ‘prestigious’ jobs are defiled by lecherous men, porn stars can feel their pain and shame much more intensely and profoundly, for they too are the victims of this so-called civilized world./

‘I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.’ Mahatma Gandhi

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