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ISOSCELES published!

08 Feb 2017 9:06 AM | Lynne S. Brandon

Lynne S. Brandon’s short play, “Isosceles,” has been published in Off The Rocks Vol.20, NewTown Writers Press, Allison Fradkin editor, Chicago; and is available from Lulu Press (

 “Isosceles” queers "the Erotic Triangle," the sexual dynamics of two men contesting for a woman’s favors.  In 1910, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas lived in Paris.  In “Isosceles,” butch dyke Gert and femme Alice spend an evening with noted womanizer Pablo (Picasso).  The artists’ Cubist works (Tender Buttons, Picasso’s “Absinthe”) inform the trio’s word play.  Alice uses all the power available to her and, by the end, she is the focus of the “masculine” attention.  In an isosceles triangle, there is always one short side, opposite one dominant angle.

 Performed at Smith College (2008) and SLAMBoston! at the renowned Factory Theatre in Boston (2010), it also had a staged-reading in “She Speaks,” part of the “365 Women a Year: A Playwriting Project,” in Kitchener, Ontario, 2015.

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