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New book The Moghul Saint of Insanity

16 Jun 2015 4:36 PM | Farzana Moon

The Moghul Saint of Insanity depicts the life of Aurangzeb, the sixth emperor of India.  His reign of tyranny tore the fabric of the Moghul Empire into shreds.  Learning too late of his follies of hatred and bigotry he prayed fervently for forgiveness on his deathbed.  The gist of this book can be summed up in his last letter to one of his sons:

Soul of my soul!  Now I am going alone.  I grieve for your helplessness.  But what is the use?  Every torment I have inflicted, every sin I have committed, every wrong I have done, I carry the consequence with me.  Strange that I came with nothing into this world, and now am going away with this stupendous caravan of sins.  Wherever I look I see only God.  I have greatly sinned and I know not what torment awaits me

With fundamentalism on the rise, this book would serve as a gong of warning for the would-be-suicide-bombers that zeal and violence would be the annihilation of their own factions if they continued the practice of hate, brutality and intolerance.  It would also be a learning tool for the young victims—educated by hateful mullahs, and hypocrites, to glean truth out of lies and to dispel ignorance.  Hoping that this book would set the tone of contemplation, touching the hearts of the clerics, religious leaders and leaders of the Islamic nations to raise their voices in unison against the ones involved in crimes of torturing and murdering innocent men, women and children!  May this book promote and nurture the gifts of compassion, learning and understanding.  


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