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"The Sky is Blue" Survivor Play is Semifinalist at Manhattan Repertory Theatre

05 Nov 2016 11:22 AM | Anonymous

See the BroadwayWorld press release here.

Playwright, actress and TEDx speaker Amy Oestreicher‘s short play, “The Sky is Blue” is now a semifinalist in Manhattan Repertory Theatre‘s Short Play Contest. On August 24th at 6:30pm and 9:00pm, 8 Finalists will be competing for the “Best Ten-Minute Play Production” from the best of this month’s series.

Oestreicher’s short play is an excerpt from the full-length original drama, Imprints, which will premiere this January at the Thespis Theatre Festival. IMPRINTS is a semi-autobiographical, humorous and poignant portrayal of how trauma affects the family:


Manhattan Repertory Theatre is a forum for playwrights, directors and actors to share and explore their craft. “The Sky is Blue” is a tribute to the true-to-life moment the Oestreicher first told her mother she was sexually abused, juxtaposed with the difficult healing process of her family underwent before she awoke from her coma.

Oestreicher is a strong advocate for sexual assault prevention through theatre and expressive arts , and has toured her theatrical works, including Gutless & Grateful, to survivor organizations, women’s groups and rape crisis centers to spread awareness. The cast features Kostas Paragios, Tatsumi Romano,Troy Peckham, Ana Andrick, and John DeFilippo, and will be directed by Mary Catherine Donnelly. Romano, who plays the protagonist in “The Sky is Blue,” is also a New York representative, hosting workshops and providing resources to those who are (or know individuals) being affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.


Voting will be done by audience ballot with graduated voting of each of the audience members favorite plays. A winner will be announced at the end of the night for a $250 cash prize.


Two performances at 6pm and 9:30 on August 24th will determine the final winner at Manhattan Repertory Theatre. For more information, go to  You can help support the full production of IMPRINTS at


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