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I have put on five productions in San Diego. I am a playwright and Cal Berkeley graduate, PhiBetaKappa. I am also an actor and costumer. I was a part time high school teacher for fifteen years, and a teaching assistant at the University of Cal San Diego in the Humanities Dept., for one year.

My play "Out of the Bookstore" was read at the Performance Annex in San Diego. My play "Longing" was read at the Tenth Avenue Theater Arts Center in San Diego, and "The Break Room" was produced at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center. I won the Point Loma Community playwright contest, "24 Hour Experiment" with two collaborators. This play was titled "Guess Who Isn't Coming to Dinner".

I acted in "Out of the Bookstore" and I played one of the leads in the two Bible plays I produced at my church. I also made costumes for three of these plays. I especially enjoy vintage costumes such as the Queen Catherine costume I made for my monologue from Shakespeare's Henry VIII, performed at Balboa Park, San Diego. I have won one a "Three Minute Playwrighting Contest" sponsored by ICWP. My play "The Ribbon" was performed on Zoom by Scripteasers of San Diego. I like to read Shakespeare on Zoom with the San Diego Shakespeare Society.

I am a member of the Playwrights' Center, Los Angeles Female Playwright Initiative, and many of my plays are listed on NPX.

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