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ICWP Mission Statement

Our mission is to support women playwrights around the world by:
  • bringing international attention to their achievements

  • encouraging production of their plays, translation, publication,
    and international distributions of their works

  • providing means for communication and contact among the sister
    community of the world's women dramatists

  • assisting them in developing the tools of their craft, in determining their own artistic forms, and in setting their own critical standards

  • encouraging scholarly and critical examination and study of the history and the contemporary work and concerns of women playwrights

  • supporting their efforts to gain professional equality, and to express their own personal, artistic, social, and political vision without censorship, harassment, or personal danger
  • This policy states the ICWP's position on discrimination, *not withstanding the gender focus of its mission*. This policy applies to all ICWP employees, volunteers, members, clients and contractors.
"The ICWP, while in pursuit of its stated objectives, will not discriminate or tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, source of income, or marital status.
This policy also applies to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations, outside vendors, organization members and customers, service clients, use of contractors and consultants, and dealings with the general public. In addition, ICWP will not knowingly employ vendors, contractors, or service providers who tolerate or practice discrimination on these bases."

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The International Centre for Women Playwrights is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women playwrights around the world.    

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