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Women as young as 17 are writing plays and winning awards - The Guardian, UK

26 May 2011 2:37 PM | Anonymous

This is quoted from an article in the Guardian, UK online.

Where are all the young male playwrights?

Women as young as 17 are writing plays and winning awards. Do their male counterparts no longer have anything to say?

This week Anya Reiss's The Acid Test opens at the Royal Court. It will be fascinating to see whether she can match the success of her debut,Spur of the Moment, written when she was only 17 and lauded by the critics last year, when it also won an award. While, by now, Reiss must be sick of the constant references to her age – she is still only 19 – she must accept that in a line of work where the 40-year-old Simon Stephensis still referred to as a "young British playwright", to achieve such acclaim as a teenager is a remarkable thing...

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