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Linda Evans' full length drama EMBRACE ARMS read at Great Plains Conference

04 Jun 2011 8:43 AM | Anonymous

The play was used in the department of theater by director Brian Keegan, professor at the Ohio State University(Lima) since fall of 2009.  Last fall EMBRACE ARMS was studied in Dr. Alan Woods', Ohio State University's (Columbus) honors class in the department of theater.It is part of Evans' collection which is archived at the Ohio State University‚Äôs Department of Theatre and Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute located in the Special Collections section of the Thompson Library (Main).

Evans' work as being part of the theater of the Absurd was reaffirmed by her "blind" reader Sybil Kempson at Great Plains Theater Conference: the review "My fave kind of plot - one with its own logic. Hard to get ahead of - surprising for all involved. Precise and admirable balance of ADHD and focus contributes to excellent plot structure.

Fresh dialogue. They've got a great banter going on and after a while it becomes poetic, and becomes a doorway to a different reality. Full of surprises - unafraid of absurdity. Very engaging characters & don't need ot be full on acct of wild dialogue - they can relax and be flat in a wonderful way.Character can lie in athleticism of performers delivering.

Stakes are very high & covered over in deceptive and compelling way by excellent banter. Very moving because indirect. Sneaks up on you like death itself. Dramatic premise is the reality & unreality of being hospitalized & surgeried, of dying and living. The setting floats. But you can see the rooms, the furnishings, the equipment. Definite theaterical potential.

The language is its own setting. Totally authentic, original.

Dialogue btwn father & daughter, the looking & discussing of old photos - unforgettable. Excellent, fitting style that uplifts the story. Very very nice play. Very moving. 9.5."




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