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THE LAWS OF THE STARS (reading) - September 27th in Greenville

13 Sep 2016 4:15 PM | Anonymous

The Laws of the Stars, by Los Angeles playwright Jenny Marlowe, will be presented as a staged reading at Centre Stage South Carolina in Greenville -- Tuesday, September 27th at 7 p.m. The play is a finalist in Centre Stage's annual New Play Festival.

"A brilliant young cosmologist -- half-Navajo by birth, and very much in search of her own identity -- travels to the South Pole to assist a team of astrophysicists on a project with the potential to tell us how the universe began. Her bold ideas might be the key to answering some of mankind's most enduring questions -- but getting her colleagues to go along with her unconventional methods presents a challenge. Along the way, she is forced to wrestle with her place and purpose in the world -- while stranded at the very bottom of it. The Laws of the Stars is about scientific progress, origin stories, and the vast uncharted deserts we all carry inside of us."

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