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MOTHER LODE Jan 28-31 2016

28 Jan 2016 8:00 PM | Virginia Wall Gruenert
The often contentious relationships between mothers and daughters will no doubt keep therapists in business for years to come, but there is no denying the deep bond that exists between them.  Mother Lode tells the story of Pittsburgh actor Linda Haston’s mother, Ruth, a force of nature who leaves Jim Crow Alabama as a teen to work and raise her family in Pittsburgh’s Hill District.  This one-woman show deals with the end-of-life decisions that must be made by dutiful daughters, as well as the discord, conciliation, warfare, and ultimate acceptance between strong, independent women bound by love and family. Carnegie Stage, 25 W. Main St., Carnegie PA 15106.  Phone: 724-873-3576. Tickets $5-$40. 

The International Centre for Women Playwrights is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women playwrights around the world. 

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