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04 Aug 2015 7:45 PM | JULIA PASCAL


4-29 AUGUST. Tuesday-Saturday 7.45pm

Matinees Thursday and Saturday 3.15pm

Previews £12.50. Full £18. Concessions £15.

Written and directed by Julia Pascal

Designed by Claire Lyth

Sound by Zoe Walker

You know our problem? Too much history, not enough geography.

I am walking through Jerusalem and there isn't a Jew in sight.

The Romans. The Christians. The Ottomans. The British.They come. They go.

What happens on the road where Jew, Muslim and Christian meet?

What happens when an Arab Muslim is attracted to an Arab Jew?

What happens when a soldier refuses to report for duty?

Crossing Jerusalem is set in the last intifada when buses are exploding and it's not safe to go out and buy food. This family drama, with its moments of black comedy, happens over 24 hours.

Now is the time when  a son should be made, a birthday should be celebrated and an army should be served.

Pascal explores the most politically tense city in the world. In this passionate play, she smashes stereoytpes on all sides and questions facile definitions of identity, love and war.

The International Centre for Women Playwrights is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women playwrights around the world. 

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