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Concert Reading of "Moments of Truth" July 9, 2014

09 Jul 2014 7:30 PM | Patricia Milton


Music and lyrics by Caroline Altman. Book by ICWP member Patricia Milton. Directed by Caroline Altman. Music Director: John-Elliott Kirk.

Cast: Caroline Altman*, Stephanie Prentice, John Patrick Moore*, and Steve Rhyne. *member, AEA


This chamber musical comedy follows Nan, a mid-career fine arts painter. She loses her confidence after she is replaced in her long-term residency by an artist half her age. Nan agrees to collaborate with her former art school roommate, Chloe, a scandal-ridden “shock art” photographer. The two hope to rehabilitate their careers and land a prestigious prize ~ and an exhibit ~ in New York. Their unusual project uses a lie detector to catch real-life models in “moments of truth.” As a love triangle develops under her roof, Nan begins to lose confidence in her husband, too. She wonders: is it time to bring the lie detector into her marriage?

As a work-in-progress, "Moments" was a Finalist for the 2013 Women in Arts and Media Collaboration Award.

FREE admission. At Thick House, 1695 18th Street, San Francisco, between deHaro and Arkansas on Potrero Hill.  Plenty of street parking in the neighborhood.

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