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Mary Steelsmith's SELDOM IS HEARD at Live @ the Libe

06 Mar 2010 5:00 PM | Mary Steelsmith
SELDOM IS HEARD, a ten minute play
by Mary Steelsmith
Saturday March 6
2:00 p.m.
Donald Bruce Kaufman - Brentwood Branch Library
11820 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, 90049



IVAN- 20's - 30's
A strapping, young man, dressed in a faded buttoned up work shirt and jeans, wearing a kerchief that covers his hair. He totters unsteadily. We hope he won't tip over. Whatever happened to make him this way, there are no outward scars.

HANNAH - 20's -30's
Hannah is a plain looking woman, perhaps large-sized. She wears a buttoned up shirt, covering a tank top beneath it, and jeans. Hannah carries herself with a familiar caregiver's energy, tired but in a groove of well-practiced cheerfulness.

MARILYN - 30's - 40's
With one glance, you can tell she's one of those women who made sure her home was spotless before she left it this morning.
Marilyn's hair is perfect and she sports a pink feminine suit with matching purse,fit for the many cosmetics it must contain. You just know her car is pink.

Two chairs signifying a front porch of a modest house in the suburbs.

SYNOPSIS: Hannah has quite a bit on her plate nowadays. Her husband, Ivan, has returned from his tour of duty in Afghanistan with an I.E.D.- caused brain injury. The term "supporting our troops" seems to have a different meaning now that he's home. Ivan's noisy and unpredictable behavior on his own front porch irks Marilyn, president of the local Neighborhood Restoration Association (NRA), who insists Ivan be put in a "special place," in order to keep up the local morale. Recognizing the war on terror has to also be fought on the home front, Hannah and Ivan choose to reenter mainstream society and credit Marilyn for her bright idea.

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