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ICWP Connect Listserv Help

Since this page was first created the List hosting company has changed the look of the subscribers login page. We will update the images below as soon as we are able. The information in the images is still very close to the functioning of the real List access pages.

The main difference is that the Login panel and "Request Password" panel is in a black strip at the top of the page. The image below shows where the login panel is in the new layout.

Connect List Login panel

To log in as a CONNECT list user go to this URL , then come back to follow these guidelines.

NOTE: the email address you enter MUST MATCH the email address we have on file for you when you signed up as an ICWP Member. 

STEP TWO - changing your password

1) After you receive an email with your temporary password, write down/copy the temporary password and log into the Listserv website:

2) After you are logged in, click preferences.

3) In the space to the right, you will see options to change your email address, and password.  Choose a new password and enter it twice and click submit.  

STEP THREE - choose your preference for receiving mail from the Listserv

1) After you are done changing your password, click Home at the top of the page.

2) The Listserv groups you are signed up for appear in the column to the left.  Choose connect

3) In the left column you will see the menu for the Connect Listserv.  Click on Subscriber Options.

4) In the space to the right, you will see a drop down menu with options to receive your Listserv mail. 

5) In the drop down menu you will see many options to receive mail from the Listserv.  The most pertinent ones are: standard, no mail, you do not receive your own posts, and digest plain text format.  

If you are still having problems receiving List mail read this:

And please read this web page:

If you have tried everything without success, you may email for assistance.


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