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  • 02 Jul 2012 3:34 PM | Tammy Ryan

    Winner of the 2012 Francesca Primus Prize 

    In the early 90’s in Sudan after civil war destroyed their villages, an exodus of boys trekked eight hundred miles across Africa until making it to refugee camps in Kenya where they lived on a bowl of grain a day for ten years.  In 2001, the U.S. resettled 3,600 of these “Lost Boys” in cities across America.

     LOST BOY FOUND IN WHOLE FOODS tells the story of Christine, a recently divorced “East Ender” from Pittsburgh who meets Gabriel, a former “Lost Boy” working in the produce section of Whole Foods.  Soon Gabriel’s world becomes enmeshed with hers and daughter Alex -- leading to a remarkable journey of awareness, struggle and hopefulness.  The play asks the question: what happens when we open up our lives to help another human being -- leaving us to wonder about the effect of one soul upon another.

    "Ryan's play poignantly and powerfully integrates a personal story with a current world issue.  When single mother Christine meets Gabriel, one of the "lost boys" from Sudan, in the produce section of a Pittsburgh Whole Foods where he works, the two form a relationship that changes both their lives.  The play avoids easy, feel-good answers in exploring the very different ways that Christine and Gabriel think he should deal with the challenges he faces.  As Pittsburgh theater critic Christopher Rawson perceptively observes, "the person who is most truly lost amid middle-class comfort is..Christine...[the play charts] the faltering, one-forward, one-back steps she takes to find her own usefulness and meaning."   - The American Theater Critics Association upon awarding the play the Francesca Primus Prize 2012.

  • 02 Jul 2012 3:30 PM | Tammy Ryan

    A Confluence of Dreaming tells the story of Carol, an under appreciated and seemingly invisible suburban homemaker who finds herself wondering what the hell happened to her life.  She rediscovers stifled thrill and passion in the secret, sexy world of cyberspace.  As her husband obsesses over their local property tax assessment and the cost of their current kitchen renovation, the state of their marriage (along with their roof) is about to collapse under the weight of what they haven’t addressed.  Their seventeen year old “activist” daughter, who is about to leave the nest and save the world, is torn between going to college or Tibet.  Taking place in Pittsburgh during the summer of 2001, Carol solicits a face to face meeting with her online lover in New York City.  When fantasy collides with reality in his studio apartment, Carol confronts the choices she’s made against the desires she has suppressed in the quest for self-fulfillment.

    2 Women, 2 Men

  • 26 Jun 2012 11:30 AM | Anonymous
    The land and those who live in intimate terms with it are the focus of Koller's plays. In The Seed Savers, Joe faces pressure to purchase genetically modified seed; Jeanie refuses to sell untilled land for development in Cowboy Boots and a Corsage; Abby sees a lake as her final resting place in Abby's Place; and in The Early Worm Club, Millie realizes a deep sense of belonging to the Alberta parkland and its birds while searching for her mate. Nature goes beyond mere setting and backdrop in these plays to effect transformation and resolution on the characters. Ranging from romantic comedy to drama and from one-act to full-length, the plays in Voices of the Land show western Canadians at the point of leaving, returning, and renewing against the backdrop of their native landscape. To order or download a FREE PDF, visit Athabasca University Press.
  • 23 Jun 2012 5:00 AM | Anonymous
    WHAT REMAINS, A One-Act Drama. This play has been produced Off-Off-Broadway by Love Creek Prods. SYNOPSIS: At their summer cottage in coastal Maine, Jean tells her grown daughter Madeleine about an affair Madeleine’s proud, deceased, Irish-born father had, as Jean agonizes over the affair and the business of selling their vacation home. Through flashbacks, we see the disastrous result the affair had on Jean and Emlyn’s marriage. Meanwhile, the daughter, Madeleine, is trying to resolve her relationship with a young man she may marry. Will Jean and her daughter reconcile themselves to their sad past, and keep their beloved summer home? Paperback. Available on Amazon, and by phone from JAC at 781-272-2066 or at  Published 2012.
  • 23 Jun 2012 4:57 AM | Anonymous
    THE MAID'S DAY OFF, A full-length comedy. Present-day, full-length play about Sophia, a young, struggling American actress who is shacking up with Nick, an aging, semi-retired English rock star in London. With booze flowing freely, their talk ranges from Shakespeare to interracial marriages, snooty shopkeepers, and Sophia’s career as an actress. Impatient with Sophia, Nick sends her packing. When they meet five years later in New York, Sophia is now a successful but troubled film star. Will they connect this time, or will their conversation revolve mostly around Nick’s obsession with losing his current maid? Paperback. Available on Amazon, and by phone from JAC Publishing: 781-272-2066 or at  Published 2012.
  • 23 Jun 2012 4:54 AM | Anonymous
    TALKING TO STRANGERS was first produced Off-Off-Broadway by Love Creek Productions. It is a one act comedy set in New York City, about a young man and woman who meet by accident on a bench in Central Park. Anne’s boyfriend has just knocked her into a fountain and she enters dripping wet. At first put off by her openness, Harry, a friendly but quiet graphic artist, seeks to end the conversation quickly, but then finds Anne more interesting as she reveals her insecurities to him, and they develop a friendship through a long conversation about their jobs, love lives, dates with celebrity look-alikes, and loss of virginity. At the end of the play Harry invites Anne to spend the night on a sofa in his apartment, just to get away from her boyfriend – but will Anne accept his invitation? Paperback. Available on Amazon, and by phone from JAC Publishing: 781-272-2066 or at
    Published 2010.
  • 23 Jun 2012 4:48 AM | Anonymous
    WHAT WOMEN WANT, A Collection of Nine Short Plays. All feature strong women's roles. Includes comedy and drama; suitable for wide range of ages. These plays have been produced at Northwest Changing Scene Theatre, Washington; Thespian Productions, Florida; Pink Banana Theatre, Wisconsin; Short + Sweet Festival, Sydney, Australia. Paperback. Available on Amazon, and by phone from JAC Publishing: 781-272-2066 or at  Published 2012.
  • 26 Feb 2012 2:33 PM | Deleted user
    We license the 45-minute jukebox musical We Did It For You! Women's Journey Through History (by ICWP member Thea Iberall) to high schools, colleges, theatrical troupes, women's organizations, and traveling shows. Script, published by SMART Theatre Productions, can be purchased at Performance rights are available. 22 female characters (can be performed by 8 actors).
  • 02 Dec 2011 6:39 PM | G.L. Horton
    Monologues by G.L. Horton are published in this anthology, Millennium Monologues. 95 contemporary characterizations for young actors. Edited by Gerald E. Ratliff. Published by Meriwether Publishing, Ltd. Copyright 2002.
  • 02 Dec 2011 6:36 PM | G.L. Horton
    Monologues by G.L. Horton are published in this anthology, Audition Monologues for Young Women. Contemporary audition pieces for aspiring actresses. Edited by Gerald E. Ratliff. Published by Meriwether Publishing, Ltd. Copyright 2011.

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