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AIR APPARENT by Sandra Dempsey

30 Jan 2017 11:11 AM | Sandra Dempsey

AIR APPARENT by Sandra Dempsey 
has been published in Long Story Short: An Anthology of (Mostly) Ten-Minute Plays- a collection of twenty-five very short but powerful plays that pack a punch through a variety of genres and styles, issues and experiences, as well as characters and performance roles.

AIR APPARENT: One of the forgotten, Aisling is losing her grasp on the periphery of society as she struggles with the after-effects of "that day." Her health is destroyed by the gray dust, she can't even keep up with her meagre dog-walking, and she is left as one of the thousands with terrible, insidious internal injury, struggling for every breath. 

Ideal for a range of readers from drama students to aspiring theatre practitioners, and for those working in community and professional theatres, Long Story Short gathers from acclaimed and emerging playwrights a breadth of plays that are united in their ability to create complete and moving stories that transcend the page in about ten minutes each. ISBN 9781770915633

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