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Our Voices: Senior Selfies, by Catherine Frid

12 Jan 2016 2:46 PM | Catherine Frid

 Created through a unique collaboration between a professional playwright and a group of seniors, this collection of scenes is based on true stories from the lives of seniors today.

 Our Voices: Senior Selfies celebrates seniors’ empowerment through vignettes that are hilarious, insightful and poignant. These 19 scenes include “Smart Alec Car Sales;” a mock tv game show “So You Think You Can Help;” the “Best Adult Child” competition with audience voting by ballot; “Quickie,” a (non) conversation about sex; and an original rollicking finale song.

 Playwright Catherine Frid worked with a storytelling group of seniors over five months to collect and craft the material for Our Voices: Senior Selfies. These scenes are for 1-9 actors, and are 1-15 minutes long. They can be presented as a two-act show or as stand-alone vignettes, and work well for script-in-hand presentations.

Published by ArtAge Publications:

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