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A US PLAYWRIGHT living and writing in NY, NY; Ohio; and Tucson, AZ: director, MFA in Filmmaking-PLAYS:EMBRACE ARMS (aka LIPSTICK ON A PIG)2 Males, 2 Females (drama)
HISTORY development of EMBRACE ARMS by Linda Evans. EMBRACE ARMS (aka “Lipstick on a Pig”) was initially developed at Ensemble Studio Theater, LA Project, during the Sunday Best series, Los Angeles, CA.,October, November, 2002. Professional actors retired from soap operas in NY as well as LA professional actors took turns reading the roles.
Further discussion and encouragement came from Dan Schay, Managing Director, Phoenix Theater, Phoenix, AZ as well as
Old Pueblo Playwrights, Tucson, AZ in 2003. Linda took part in the Playwright-in-Residency Program, Ensemble Studio Theater, NY, NY (Curt Dempster) summer, 2004, where the play was further developed and read. Act II was then read at NYC Playwrights, NY, NY. October /November, 2006, the play was put on stage and
workshopped at Red Barn theater, Tucson, AZ.

EMBRACE ARMS(aka LIPSTICK ON A PIG) was performed at the Beckett Theater, 42nd Street, NY, NY, May /June, 2007. Producers: Theater Row, Small Pond Prod. and Satellite Prod. The lead role of EATON was played by Christa Kimlicko Jones, associate director of Alchemy Theater Company, NY, NY. BLAKE was played by John Farrell. The role of AJ, was played by Dennis Hearn, and WHITNEY GOMEZ was played by Alexis Croucher, member of LAByrinth Theater Company, NY, NY. All are NY Equity actors. Director: David Epstein, NY director of 'Coronado’, written by Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River. Epstein is Artistic Director of Invisible City Theatre Company, NY, NY.
EMBRACE ARMS received a special commendation from The Open Book, (Marvin Kaye, producer), NY, NY. Ms. Evans received the James Sherman Award for Meritorious
Excellence in Playwriting from Timber Lake Writers Colony,
Mt. Carroll, IL, 2008. EMBRACE ARMS is the 2009 winner of PLAYFAIR and had productions at Encore Civic Theater.
Another play, STICKY GIRLS (comedy), also had an Equity production in NYC. It played at the NY Workshop Theater (Jewel Box Theater) on 36th, NY, NY, in 2006. Patricia Watt,NY,NY (LOVE, JANIS)producer.
Evans' screenplay “Tucson Success Story” was a semi-finalist in both the Nicholl Fellowship and Chesterfield (agent Peregrine Whittlesey, NY, NY)
Ms. Evans holds an MFA in filmmaking from Columbia College, Chicago, IL. She is a current member of International Center of Women Playwrights, Chicago Dramatists and an 'active' member in the Dramatists Guild of America.

The International Centre for Women Playwrights is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women playwrights around the world. 

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