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Elaine Liner is a playwright in Dallas, Texas, who "emerged" after a long career in arts journalism. She made her debut as a solo performer and playwright at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and has toured with her one-woman show, "Sweater Curse." Her two-act comedy "Finishing School" is a winner in the 2017-18 American Association of Community Theatre's New Play Fest and will premiere in September 2017 in Elkhart, Indiana. She also has written a novel and she's a member of the Dramatists Guild.
To earn a living, she drives tours around the JFK assassination sites in downtown Dallas and sells her knitted creations online.
Her next play is an adaptation of "Romeo & Juliet" in which an older couple falls in love at first sight -- only to have their adult children try to keep them apart.
Representative Play Titles
Sweater Curse: A Yarn about Love; Finishing School; A Ripping Christmas Carol; The Crickets' Lunch; Replaceable Blond; Cappy & Monty-A Love Story

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